Next time You’re at the Airport: PowerKiss

Travel News — By Morgan DeBoer on April 14, 2011 at 11:16 am

Sorry if we got your hopes up but PowerKiss has nothing to do with actual kissing, but it’s the latest technology developed for airports that’s making traveler’s feel a lot more high-tech.

PowerKiss is a Finnish company specializing in wire-free cell phone charging technology. According to their website, “Traveling is great, but the most irritating thing is to have a dead battery along the way and nowhere to charge it.” I all honesty we think having all your luggage stolen or your flight canceled is worse but we guess they’re right that a dead cell phone is pretty annoying.

According to VentureBeat, PowerKiss has teamed up with the German company Zoeftig to produce airport waiting room furniture with built in charging technology. No more hunting for available outlets along the airport wall, now you will be able to plug a small white ring into your phone and place the whole phone in a designated “heart” hotspot, right next to your seat, and voila! Comfortable wire-free charging.

Image: Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

The technology that allows the PowerKiss to work is basically an electromagnetic field called a “heart” zone that transmits the currents to a white ring that gets plugged into the phone.

PowerKiss isn’t going to stop at airport terminal furniture. Since their product isn’t the furniture, it’s the heart and ring technologies, they can partner with all sorts of companies to create wireless charging zones anywhere. They are currently working on a partnership to build heart zones in airport bars but expect to see them all over – bars, baggage claim, bathrooms. The sky is the limit!

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