Cocaine in Diapers and Other Stupid Smugglers

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on April 22, 2011 at 1:05 pm

The only thing more shameful about pretending to wear a diaper at age 22 is wearing a diaper containing $100,000 worth of cocaine.

Karen Ramos was arrested on a JetBlue flight to Boston in late March for possession of drugs after giving conflicting answers about her travel at a Customs and Border Patrol checkpoint. She was flying back from the Dominican Republic, and evidently thought she could make a little extra cash with 1,000 grams of cocaine.

Although pretty stupid and incredibly creepy, we’re not sure if this story tops the one where two women were caught in New Zealand trying to smuggle several ounces of marijuana through the metal detector. The only problem was that the weed was wrapped in tinfoil. That one should really have  been a no-brainer.

Image: B.R.Q./Flickr

Actually, with all the new TSA regulations and crazy reinforcements taking place in our airports, it’s hard to believe anyone would try to smuggle anything at all. But they do.

Just check out all the animals being smuggled: songbirds smuggled in shoes, poisonous snakes hidden inside socks inside someone’s shirt, suitcases filled with boa constrictors and vipers, and even a poor dehydrated baby tiger drugged and stuffed in a carry-on bag with toy animal tigers in hopes of disguise. Psst, some airports have scanners, remember?

Fortunately no tigers were harmed in process, and the little guy was returned to a conservation park. Let’s hope the smugglers, however, don’t get such free-range.


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