Top 5 Stylin’ Flight Attendant Outfits

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on April 26, 2011 at 11:20 am

Ah, the prim, neat, and orderly style of flight attendants. There’s something about their professional attire that’s meant to be admired, but that doesn’t mean some airlines can’t spice things up a bit.

Here’s a few examples of airlines that take fashion seriously.

1. Virgin Atlantic’s Bright Red Shoes – Since Virgin Atlantic’s successful new ad campaign and commercial, these flight attendants are sporting sharp red uniforms designed by John Rocha are now also wearing sexy red pumps. How they strut their stuff in heels all day is baffling, but we salute them for doing so.

2. Singapore Airlines’ Colorful Sarong Kebaya – The famous Singapore Girls certainly turn some heads with their designer Sarong Kebaya uniform. Singapore Airlines is also pretty strict with their style. For example, stewardesses have to wear certain shades of toenail polish, and their hair must always be dark. Yikes!

3. Thai Airways’ Purple Everything – Thai Airways has recently come under fire for telling their flight attendants to lose weight, but their “Smooth as Silk” theme translates to everything…even the flight attendant uniforms. A bright purple suit adorned with a pink/purple scarf and often embellished with a flower makes them look feminine and put together.

4. SkyEurope’s Denim Get-Ups – SkyEurope has apparently combined fashion with casual in their uniforms of stylish denim. Denim dresses, skirts and coats pinned with a red flower gives the whole experience a nice, laid-back feel. We just hope they refrain from wearing a jean jacket on top of it when they’re off duty.

5. Ethiad Airways’ Classy Crew – They might not have the colorful garb of the other airlines, but these flight attendants wear incredibly classy dark suits topped off with a cute hat and a silk scarf, and they certainly catch some attention. We kind of like their old-school charm.

If only we could get our hands on these outfits. But knowing how closely some airlines guard their garb, it probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

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  • Miss Nanci says:

    It would have been nice to have pictures with this story.

  • Johanne Dame says:

    Two errors in one sentence:

    If only we could get our hands on these outfits. But knowing how closely some airlines guard there garb, it probably wont be happening anytime soon

    It’s their not there (in this case) and won’t not wont.

    • NORMA MERCADO says:

      not happining! how can the walk on the isles with the heals.
      feel sorry for them

  • Chuck says:

    Here’s a secret. Many flight attendants go from high heels to loafers, when the plane is ready for push back. I’ve sat by the coach galley on a number of American Airlines flights, and I learned that most F/As switch out shoes, when they are preparing the cabin for departure. I’ve heard the same from friends who fly Delta frequently.

    My guess is that the Virgin Atlantic F/As aren’t wearing the high heels, once the boarding process is complete.

  • noshirtnoshoesnoservice says:

    You notice no american airlines made this list. It’s not you ladies its the airlines.

  • Bob Jones says:

    What a moronic article

    Virgin: . “How they strut their stuff in heels all day is baffling, but we salute them for doing so.” Duh, they switch into “in-flights”, like all female flight attendants do
    Etihad: “topped off with a cute hat and a silk scarf, ” The scarf is a shawl they have to pull down to cover themselves in Muslim countries, like their home country. Hello???

    Singapore: “The famous Singapore Girls”. Set the profession back a zillion years.

    American: Didn’t make the list? Thank god for normalcy.

    • Candice Walsh says:

      Dear Bob, thanks for your delightful comment. You are a gem among men, I can tell! I would love to share a coffee with you. I feel like I would enjoy your company a lot.

      In regard to the attendants who change shoes–of course! That makes perfect sense. Silly me. I’ll have to pay more attention to the ankle-area of attractive women the next time I’m flying.

      As for the ignorance of Muslim culture, I apologize if I have offended you but I’m certainly aware of the hijab’s significance. It doesn’t make it any less attractive, does it? Ethiad outdid themselves with the silk! I wouldn’t mind having one myself. Oppression can be lovely.

      “Singapore Girl” is the official title of the airlines’ stewardesses. And I’m unsure how it sets them back a zillion years, as I cannot grasp such a time frame.

      Thank you Bob, we welcome more insight from such an intelligent reader.


  • Frank O. says:

    I completely agree with Miss Nancy that the story is an interesting one. However, it would have been an even better story, if the FA’s had been shown actually wearing their ‘funky’ uniforms…oh well, guess I’ll just have to book flights on those airlines and see first-hand how they look.

  • Kimbo says:

    I can not view any pics, where are they and so I am unable to make a comment.


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