Could JK Rowling Win Best Shed?

Europe, Offbeat, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 2, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Ah, the shed. A retreat from the duties of indoor work, an escape from the tedium of house chores. A place to carry out carpentry, store those gardening tools, or for some people, a creative space to do just about anything. is expressing their love for the shed by asking people to share photos of their own unique and absurd shed spaces, and the more creative, the better. The prize is 1000GBP.

People have already submitted their photos: sheds converted to pubs, adorable summerhouses, “escape capsules,” a diner, and more. But we think Harry Potter author JK Rowling should submit her own entry, because hers might just top them all.

Image: Steenbergs/Flickr

The author is laying out plans to construct Hagrid’s hut in her very own back garden of her Edinburgh mansion. It’ll sit at the bottom of the Renaissance-style gardens, and will have a conical roof, a spire, a chimney, and stone steps leading up to the front door. Can’t you just picture Harry, Ron and Hermione skipping through the garden to greet Hagrid?

It’s actually a garden room, and is used as a sort of lodging for family and friends. Rumour has it neighbors are nervous over potential magic being carried out inside, such as dragons hatching or invisibility cloaks being used to spy on people.

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