Inspiration: Kids Who Change the World

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 4, 2011 at 10:03 am

If you’re as sick of hearing “kids these days…” being muttered in disgust as we are, we’ve got an argument to show kids really aren’t so bad. In fact, you’ll find many of them are out trying to change the world – and these changes will directly benefit travelers.

Take 11-year old Olivia Bouler from New York, who was distraught over the recent gulf spill. Instead of just donating money, Olivia got creative: she wrote to the National Audubon Society and asked if her bird paintings could help. Referring to herself as a “decent drawer,” she partnered with the society to release a series of original sketches to be sold to the public. Some of the drawings featured birds endangered by the spill, including the brown pelican.

She sent out more than 150 drawings, and raised over $155,000 in just a few months. All money went towards clean-up and conservation. How’s that for inspiration?

Image: USFWS/Flickr

Then there’s the group of primary school kids from Australia who set out on a mission to prove that you only need five minutes a day to change the world. They recycled mobiles, told jokes to relieve stress, and even planted gardens. They’re adorable to boot:


Another boy, Zach Bonner, started walking in 2007 to help homeless youth. He walked 280 miles from his hometown in Florida to the capitol city of Tallahassee, raising $25,000 in cash and supplies to help Katrina victims. He later walked from Tallahassee to Atlanta then onto the White House, raising more than $17,000 to help Florida’s homeless kids and the Habitat for Humanity in Macon, Georgia. He even oversaw a family getting their own home.

There you have it: no matter the age, you can do great things. And hey, the kids are alright.

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