Online Kissing Device May Reduce Number of “Love Miles”, But is Still Creepy

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It’s hard to live across the country, or across the world, from your sweetie. A lot of time is spent missing the long gazes over coffee and croissants, caresses over cannoli, and most importantly, those tender – or not so tender – kisses on the couch.

Distance can certainly make you lose that lovin’ feeling.

Image: Captain Giona/Flickr

Yet it seems like ‘science’ may be going a little too far with a new “tactile communication” kissing device, that yes, will allow you to kiss over the internet.

How will this new love machine work? Well, it involves a box, a straw, and the tongue of a beloved (if you swing that way). Each person involved will need to own one of these box crusaders – except for the possible ‘pre-recorded’ kiss from the young and famous – and a strong internet connection.

Here is the overview:


So far, researchers at the Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan only have the mechanics of movement down. They still need to work on taste, breathing, and the moistness factor, but it shouldn’t be long until all those in long-distance relationships will see their frequent flyer miles take a nose-dive.

What are some other crazy kissing devices on the market? Well, there’s the bowling ball video game that’s controlled by two people locking lips and moving their tongues at a rapid pace and a very interesting crank-and-lever machine by Benjamin Cowden that involves a pair of large red wax lips. Neither quite compare to the love-across-the-miles ability of the Japanese kissing device, though.

Still, is it even remotely possible that a straw can come close to simulating the real thing? Maybe all those airline companies making money off love-lorn travelers doesn’t have reason to shake in their boots quite yet.

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