Travel Trivia: The New “Voting” Contest

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 9, 2011 at 9:25 am

Every time a new company unleashes a world-changing vote competition, we roll our eyes over the thought of another potential popularity contest gone awry. They’re exhausting and offer little reward for hard work.

But now we’re seeing another, more worthwhile trend: trivia contests. They’re everywhere, but these at least are fair…your rewards are based on your performance. Sure, that may be the theory behind voting competitions as well, but at least trivia is based on competence and not popularity.

In April, KLM flights offered a contest to spot the landmark and win flights to 20 secret cities. Players checked the KLM Twitter feed every day until April 24 for a special Tweet with a link to a photo of a mystery landmark. Then users had to figure out where the landmark was, and plot its Secret City location on the integrated Google map. Each week, a different winner was picked who marked the spot closest to the Secret City, and then they won a flight to that city. Not bad, huh? And there weren’t any Eiffel Towers or other easy targets either.

Recently Contiki Tours also unveiled an epic trivia contest, Pin Me If You Can, to celebrate their new tours being offered in South America. Each week, players can watch a video filmed by a local somewhere in South America. Using the clues given, players can pinpoint the local’s whereabouts on an interactive map. Other hints are given through the Facebook Page. Winners score a free Contiki trip to one of the South American destinations, including airfare.

Image: mnapoleon/Flickr

We gotta give props to those guys: they’re doing it right. We feel like a lot more customer loyalty is generated when companies evaluate a contestant’s work rather than using such an obvious ploy to get people voting to create more traffic. What do you think?

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