Foodie Alert: New Menu Means we be Eatin’ at the Holiday Inn

Budget, Business, Food Lovers, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 10, 2011 at 1:06 pm

How many of you simply cannot utter the words “Holiday Inn” without breaking into some Snoop Dogg lyrics? We thought so. But over the past little while, Holiday Inn has spent $1-billion to re-launch and rebrand their entire business…the largest ever seen in the hospitality industry.

Some highlights include new signage and new white bedding, but this June Holiday Inn is taking it one step further with the Social Hub: a new design concept combining a front desk, restaurant, bar and business center and turning it into a place where the whole family can eat, work, play and socialize all in one spot. And yes, there’s free WiFi.

Image: gamiziuk/Flickr

Our personal favourite, however, is the total overhaul of the menu. The hotel chain is seriously putting some effort into revamping their food choices, and the selections are surprisingly drool worthy. As in, you might actually book a room there just for the food.

Here’s what you can expect to see being served up: fruit and nut salads, macaroni and cheese waffle sandwichs (yeah, for real), pulled pork BBQ sliders, bacon cheeseburgers, pub grubs, and deliciously decadent waffle sundaes…among other things.

And of course, the bar itself isn’t to be overlooked, and there are some plans to install outdoor fire pits for when you just want to roast s’mores over an open flame, you know?

Holiday Inn swears they’re not becoming trendy, but merely giving people what they want. Nowadays we seek socialization outside our hotel rooms, and the Social Hub might set the example for hotels to follow suit. What do you think? Has Holiday Inn found a winning combo?

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