American Airlines Scolded for Flight Attendant Beauty Contest

Travel News — By christinegarvin on May 11, 2011 at 9:13 am

Judging the beauty of your flight attendants, American Airlines? Tsk, tsk.

So says the union for the hostesses that (usually) smile when they ask you for your drink order, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. According to an article in the Daily Mail, the union is hopping mad that American Airlines held a “beauty contest” to find its best-looking flight attendants who fly the friendly skies.

Named ‘Face of Your Base’, the contest asked workers to vote on who looked the best in the airline’s new attire, including scarves, ties, and shirts. The winners will appear in a photoshoot for the airline’s promotional materials.

Image: alexindigo/Flickr

Why does this sound like something Virgin Airlines would do? Well, maybe because they’ve come close – Virgin was voted as having the most attractive attendants in the world – by far – in a survey by the Business Travel and Meetings Show, and have rather aptly been nicknamed, ‘Red Hotties’. Seems founder Richard Branson demands his crew be “immaculate” at all times.

Plus, there are rumors that Korean Air only hires pretty, thin, college-educated, straight-teethed women under the age of 26. Don’t forget about the height requirement of 5’3. Though as a concession, they may hire a woman over 26 if they possess a special set of skills (whatever those may be).

It may come as no surprise that an American Airlines spokesperson defended the contest, saying:

“The focus is on the professional appearance of our male and female flight attendants and how the new uniform pieces will best represent the American brand. The campaign is an internal program created by flight attendants and field managers as a way to recognize their colleagues and inform all of our employees about the uniform changes.”

Of course it is, American.

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