How To Be Eco-Friendly Before Your Trip

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Sure, most of us think about the impact our flight to Malaysia is going to have on the environment, and maybe even do a little plea bargain with Mother Earth to compost and recycle everything up until the day of departure.

But we often forget the little things we can to reduce our carbon footprint while we’re away, before we even leave. Planet Green recently provided a list of tons of little energy-savers you can implement around the house before you step out the door to head to paradise.

Easy options include making sure your thermostat is as low as it can go without freezing the pipes and turning your water to vacation mode, if that’s possible. Also, unplug everything, including the microwave, toaster oven, and lamps. If you are leaving for a couple of weeks or more, give your neighbors all the food in your refrigerator and turn the temperature up to just-barely-not-defrosting the freezer.

Image: Reuben Whitehouse/Flickr

Don’t forget to unplug that (often not working) 3-in-1 printer and garage door opener.

What are some other things you can do to help protect the environment while on the road? Well, treat your hotel, hostel, or guest house like home: make sure the lights are off when you leave, turn off the air conditioner or heat, close the drapes if it’s hot. Just because you aren’t paying the bills there doesn’t mean you can’t help conserve.

BlissTree also recommends nixing layovers when possible, as takeoffs and landings burn a whole lot more fuel than cruising in the air. Even though it’s fun to get all those little toiletries when you stay in a fancy hotel, it’s much more eco-friendly to bring your own shampoos and conditioners.

Plus, tidying up your room and keeping the same sheets makes for a lot less output. Hey, you’ll get some exercise making your own bed, too! It’s a win-win.

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