Hyatt Hotel Backs “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm

If you’re unsure about how product placement, advertising, and marketing have become such an engrained part of our lives, you might wanna check out Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary titled “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”

You know how movies feature certain heroes chugging down Gatorade or sipping on Pepsi? Or there’s a certain shampoo being used in a shower scene? All those labels are strategically placed so that they don’t interrupt the story line but are significant enough to catch your attention just a little. You might not even realize it, but it does make an impression on your brain. Did you know that the 2006 film “The Departed” had more than four dozen product placements?

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Spurlock’s new film pokes fun at the awkward placement of some brands, but the most amusing feature is that the production itself was entirely funded by product placement and advertising…and they’re completely honest about it.

Personally, we think it’s genius. We look forward to an honest documentary not riddled with negativity and sarcasm. Obviously the in-depth focus on how marketers influence our lives isn’t exactly a positive thing, but the open integration of huge companies and businesses just makes the argument more valid, don’t you think?

One of the film’s biggest supporters is Hyatt Hotels. You have to wonder how a huge hotel chain could possibly benefit from such a documentary, especially given the nature of Spurlock’s former “Supersize Me” documentary, but the whole thing is actually pretty strategic. Hyatt Hotels Corp paid $700,000 in sponsorship, including the insertion of a 30-second commercial into the movie, and a “welcome message” from Spurlock to be displayed on TV for every Hyatt guest. He’s even featured on the room keys at Hyatt, simultaneously promoting the movie.

Here’s a sneak-peek behind the scenes at Hyatt:


In an effort to maintain some level of integrity, the brands selection for Spurlock’s film are all personal favorites of the filmmaker himself. POM juice, JetBlue, Old Navy and Mane n’ Tail Shampoo are also featured (although we’re curious to hear Spurlock’s connection with the shampoo).

We really want to know: how does this influence your opinion of Hyatt, if at all? Does it make you respect them more for their bold attempt at breaking out of traditional advertising ploys? Do you appreciate their honesty?

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