Ramshackle Rally Hits Europe

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Ready to hit the road in a beat-up cartoon-or-superhero themed car and drive through Europe?

Then get ready for Ramshackle Rally, which will take place during July through August. The ‘races’ start in Calais, France and end in Pamplona, Krakow, Split, Valencia, and Munich, depending on which route you decide to take part in.

This is how the folks at RR describe the experience:

This is true Columbus spirited adventure, and it’s you versus machine as you pilot your 200 quids worth of scrap metal along some fantastic driving roads, through quaint villages and towns and through breathtaking landscapes in search of Ramshackle glory.

The qualifications for the race include having a car that preferably cost you under £150 ($300) and have it decorated in some abhorrent fashion. Oh, and your team (aka the crazy people you swindled into coming along with you) should match the car.

Photo: idealisms/Flickr

Matt Risley talks about his experiences on a trip to Valencia in a piece at The Daily Mail.

When it comes to crazy (mis)adventures, we couldn’t help but be reminded of Flugtag here in the States. The event, organized by Red Bull, challenges people to create a homemade, human-powered flying machine and actually fly it. Luckily, they always do the race near water as most people crash.

Plus we have a little something we like to call NASCAR. Enough said.

If you plan to hit up Ramshackle Rally, you better have £240 for one car and two drivers, and £50 per each additional team member. You choose your accommodations, though there is plenty of camping, motels, and hotels available along the way.

Do your best to scare the locals.

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