Real Life LOST Leaves Passengers Stranded, Mutiny Follows

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 25, 2011 at 9:19 am

In the cruise ship real life version of LOST, 1700 people were recently left stranded when a luxurious cruise ship travelling between Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Copenhagen broke down in the Baltic Sea. For three days, the passengers were left without food, electricity, running water or working toilets.

Apparently, not long after leaving port, the ship’s engine failed to restart and the electricity went out. As a way to appease panicked passengers, staff handed out free alcohol to everyone…which usually works in most situations, but probably not when you’re stranded in the middle of the sea on a big floating monster.

After a great deal of time passed without passengers being told anything, they all staged a mutiny and tugs were sent out to pull the vessel to shore. For whatever reason, there’s no explanation given for the delay of help.

Image: quinet/Flickr

To many, especially seniors who often take such cruises, such an experience is a disaster. Remember how the Carnival Splendor loaded with 4500 people set sail along the Mexican Riviera and then caught fire and was stranded? Yeah, total nightmare.

The boat was 200 miles off the coast of San Diego when the fire broke out, something the cruise industry labelled as a “freak accident.” Power supplies were cut off after the fire happened, and while toilets and cold running water were restored later that evening, air conditioning, hot food service and telephones were still not working.

Help finally arrived in the form of tugboats, which then towed the ship back to San Diego. Nobody was hurt, and everyone got a full refund.

Alright, so nobody was left to be chased by smoke monsters on a deserted island, but still…scary!


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