Using Hotel Bathroom Phone Both Disgusts and Intrigues Us

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on May 25, 2011 at 9:02 am

We admit it – we’ve been tempted to use the phone in the bathroom at hotels.

But we’ve never actually used the phone in the bathroom at hotels.

It’s an odd thing to think about having a phone meeting while your pants are down around your ankles, or listening earnestly while your best friend relays a tragedy that happened back at home with the sound of water trickling in the background.

Plus, as OpenThread notes, it sounds a bit too bacteria-friendly for our tastes. If you use a toilet seat cover in public, wouldn’t you want a phone-cover in a hotel bathroom?

Image: cote/Flickr

A different hotel gimmick that we much prefer is Venice Beach Hotel Erwin’s ‘Ink and Stay’ package, where you not only get a room, but $100 voucher for the hotel’s “acclaimed” in-house tattoo artist Norm, and a bottle of tequila to numb the pain.

Or, if you are traveling alone, how about a pet goldfish to support you during your stay in Chicago’s Hotel Monaco? Hey, they don’t shed, so you’ll have less worries about the bacteria you’re already inheriting from your bathroom phone.

This one makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside: the Bath Sommelier at Fairmont Chicago will not only draw your bath for you, but he can add milk, mint, sugar, or chocolate to the water. Preferably before you are already in it.

But for now, we’re gonna just stare at the bathroom phone and not touch it. Unless you can convince us otherwise, that is.



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