War of Words? Lonely Planet vs. Britain

Travel News, UK — By Carlo Alcos on May 26, 2011 at 10:25 am

With many Britons deciding to take more “staycations” — holidaying within the country rather than abroad —  because of the poorly performing economy, the news that Lonely Planet is suggesting these people may regret their decision is probably not welcome in the British tourism industry.

Image: IK’s World Trip/Flickr

According to the Daily Mail, LP’s latest guidebook for Great Britain says that many destinations are overpriced and lacking in quality, and that the tourist industry is not delivering. It also states that visitors from overseas are reaping the most benefits due to the weak British pound. Says David Else, author of the guidebook, which will sell around 100,000 copies:

It’s perfectly possible to have a cheap holiday in Britain, but unfortunately you can find it costs as much as a trip abroad. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no getting away from it – Britain ain’t cheap. Public transport, admission fees, restaurants and hotel rooms all tend to be expensive compared with their equivalents in many other European countries.

While he takes a shot at the costs and quality of many places, he does admit that London still has great restaurants and plenty of free attractions for children. He also states that Edinburgh is ‘one of the world’s most fascinating cities’ and Manchester is ‘truly special’. And apparently this isn’t the first time he’s taken some pot shots against his home country. In the English edition published in March, he said that the country is “celebrity-obsessed country with an addiction to junk food.” Zinger.

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