Toss Those Tubes: Are Toothpaste Tablets Terrific for Travelers?

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on June 1, 2011 at 10:39 am

It seems like just about everything comes in a tiny little bottle these days.

Shampoo, 5 Hour Energy Drink, and now Toothpaste Tablets. Who wants to brush their teeth when they can just chew their way to decent breath?

Okay, so the tasty (we’re assuming) tablets, introduced at a recent travel exhibition, are geared toward travelers on-the-go who can’t – or won’t – fit toothpaste into their carry-on. USA Today Travel notes that you still use a toothbrush to brush your teeth, you just have to chew the tablet to get TT to foam.

Hey, it may save you from an underwear-covered-in-toothpaste disaster when you show up for that Board meeting in Switzerland.

Image: sergeant killjoy/Flickr

Something that may be a bit more handy for more rough and tumble travel is the Bed Bug Patrol® Travel Spray, which was also introduced at the Travel Goods Showcase Exhibition in Chicago. Though we’re not sure we believe that the “natural clove and peppermint oils” “kills and repels bed bugs instantly” after that whole New York epidemic, we’re game to try it.

We also dig California Accessories’ LED Day-Night Readers, which we think of less for the jungles of Costa Rica and more for the mayhem of Burning Man.

Don’t forget that kids need travel accessories, too. Disney introduced a rolling backpack with computer animated lights that features four Disney characters – including Fairies – and a custom lining. More Burning Man!

We guess for now, we’ll try the Toothpaste Tablets, just because we enjoy having good dental health. Plus, they’re the cheapest.

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