New Cyclists Drive-Thru

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on June 2, 2011 at 9:43 am

For us at NileGuide, the phrase “drive-thru for cyclists” immediately conjures up images of greasy burgers, mountains of fries, and attempting to hold a milkshake while still staying in control of those handlebars. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Treehugger introduced us to the new “Pit In” – a table where cyclists can pull up on their bikes and use them as seats. Designed by Japan-based Store Muu Design Studio, the table doubles as a kind of bicycle stand. And you’ll never have to get off your bike again!

Image: Store Muu Design Studio

It’s “meant for outdoor public spaces,” and several people can cycle up to them at one time and rest their feet on platforms at both sides of the bike. No need to hop off the bike, and no need to worry about it being stolen. Although it begs the question: does anyone want to sit on a bike seat for that long?

Well, it’s probably better than cycling through a drive-thru meant for cars. After all, just a few years ago Sarah Gilbert found herself in the middle of a controversy when she was refused service at a local Burgerville in Portland, Oregon, after trying to place an order from her bike. Ironically, the always eco-conscious Gilbert chose Burgerville because of its equally eco-friendly stance. Good job to sticking to your guns, Burgerville…the same chain that spent $185,000 on wind energy credits to compensate for the electricity in its 39 stores.

Fortunately, CEO Jeff Harvey reached out to Gilbert to even ask for her help in developing the new bike-thru program.

What do you think, would you happily use the Pit-In, or do you welcome the opportunity to hop off your bicycle every now and then?

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