Monday Aww-Day: PENGUINS [PICS]

General — By Rachel Greenberg on June 6, 2011 at 3:10 pm

It’s Monday, so who doesn’t need a good afternoon AWW? Since it has been unseasonably chilly this week at the NG office in Northern California, my thoughts go to our brethren of the South, the penguins.

Unquestionably the-bird-of-the-moment due to Happy Feet and March of the Penguins, these guys deserve the love. It’s not easy being a flightless bird, let alone one that has to survive winters in -40 temperatures, but penguins do it with a certain flair that makes even the iciest hearts melt (har, har).

Want to see one in person? Antarctica can be tough to get to, but if you plan your trip at the right times you can spot penguins in Omaru in New Zealand, Simon’s Town in South Africa, Isla Magdalena in Chile, and the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador.

For more info on these spots, check out National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel post. And prepare to be charmed.

Image: Jeff Kubina/Flickr

Image: suneko/Flickr

Image: Aztlek/Flickr

Image: Anne Froehlich/Flickr

Image: SF Brit/Flickr

Image: “KIUKO”/Flickr

Image: andym8y/Flickr

Image: BONGURI/Flickr

Image: WisconsinKow/Flickr

Image: Davybot/Flickr

Image: Anne Froehlich/Flickr

Image: Anne Froehlich/Flickr

Image: BONGURI/Flickr





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