Mini-Golf Courses Just Got a Lot More Creative

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on June 16, 2011 at 10:28 am

Always the one to do things over-the-top, a KISS-themed mini golf course is coming to Vegas. Partnering with Monster Mini-Golf, the indoor golf venue will be located across from Hard Rock and will be complete with animated KISS props, a live DJ, contests, and KISS-themed parties and weddings. (Seriously, who does a wedding KISS style?)

Image: man alive/Flickr

We do love a little bit of eccentricity, especially when it comes to mini-golf. Have you heard of Park-King, the “world’s most unusual min-golf course”? Located in Milwaukee, among its treasures are an actual looping roller coaster hole and a giant replica of the Sears Tower. Yes, that’s a real roller coaster. Each hole is set up with some elaborate design, making it one of the most fun courses in the US.

But if you prefer pirates, Pirate Island on the Jersey Shore features 18 holes which includes animated pirates, caves, waterfalls, suspension bridges, and pirate ships. In Chicagoland, you have the option of either playing in an enchanted castle, or taking the haunted route. Our favorite part about the whole thing is that both courses are set up side-by-side, so you can swing a club at a fancy castle while staring Frankenstein in the eye.

And golf course designers take their jobs seriously, some even use real works of art in their creations. Okay, so they’re no Picasso, but some obstacles on the course are worth stopping to observe for awhile.

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