Special Report: 15 Summer Festivals You Can Participate In

Around the World, Featured, Local Insight — By Alex Resnik on June 21, 2011 at 6:00 am

10. Veszprém, Hungary Street Music Festival – July 13-16

Image: Norahh./Flickr

The streets of Veszprém fill with musicians of all sorts, from drummers to buskers to harmonica players, who perform not on huge stages, but on corners, squares, and the occasional small podium or stage set up around the inner city.

Don’t just watch, play! Any artists or band can enjoy a few moments of fame on the streets of Veszprém by applying with a demo tape and a few words describing themselves. Those performing will receive free accommodation and two meals per day, and the artist or band voted the best street musician of Veszprém by the audience and a jury receives a prize of 1 million HUF.

11. Costa Rican Dia de Guanacaste – Week of July 25

Image: Sophia LaMonica

This Wild West summer festival celebrates the annexation of Guancaste province from Nicaragua in 1825, and is celebrated in Liberia, the capital of this rough-and-tumble frontier region. The highlight of the festival is the toro de la tica (Costa Rican bullfight), a mix between Pamplona’s running of the bulls, a Texas rodeo and a traditional bullfight.

In addition to the professional toreros who take this teasing and taunting of the bulls very seriously, anyone who’s over 18 and sober (seriously) can sign up to be a torero improvisado (improvisational bullfighter) and jump into the ring with the bulls. If you pull some cool moves and impress the audience, without hurting yourself or any bull, you’ll likely end up on the news and become a local celebrity.

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  • Asa Gislason says:

    All seem like great fun but the Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival really “sounds” exciting… what a fabulous and original idea.


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