It’s My Birthday and I’ll Brawl (on the Plane) If I Want To

Offbeat, Travel News — By Jared Karol on June 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm

For your birthday you decide to go to Barbados with your husband and father to celebrate. And to get the party started early, you have a few drinks on the eight hour flight from London.

Seems pretty normal, yes? Many of us have partaken in a cold celebratory beverage on the plain to kick start a vacation. But we’d be willing to bet those innocent drinks didn’t land you in jail for beating up the passengers sitting next to you. Unless of course, you’re Derek Edmond, 76, his daughter Zoe King, 46, and her husband Martin, 49.

Image: Ceasararun/Flickr

According to, the three British passengers started to get a little too noisy and rowdy somewhere over the Atlantic. When adjacent passengers asked them to quiet down, they responded by throwing punches. A brawl ensued, and it took the cabin crew thirty minutes to pull them apart.

“It was vicious. It was frightening. There were punches going off in all directions,” passenger Elsa Brandford, 70, said.

When the drunk brawlers arrived in Barbados, they were immediately taken for questioning and could spend up to two years in jail if convicted. Not exactly the palm trees and sandy beaches they had envisioned.

After hearing of this story, we suggest possibly staying off the sauce if you’re the aggressive type on your next flight. You might be glad you did. And your fellow passengers will appreciate it as well.

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