Floating Golf Course Planned for Maldives to Cost $500 Million

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on June 28, 2011 at 10:56 am

Environmentalists aren’t too keen on the chemicals used and resources required for golf courses on land, but maybe the environmental impact will be less in the ocean? We’re willing to bet that’s not the case. According to Business Insider, floating technology experts Dutch Docklands is planning on building the world’s first floating golf course. Not only that, it will be the most expensive one ever built at a cost of $500 million USD.

The two most expensive courses today are both in New Jersey, Liberty National ($250 million) and Bayonne Golf Club ($150 million). So this one, which is to be built in the Indian Ocean, 250 miles off the southwest coast of India and among the islands of the Maldives, will blow those out of the water (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Image: Dutch Docklands

In addition to the golf course, plans are to build a hotel, yacht club, private islands, and villas (for mock-ups, click here). Each little “island” of the golf course will contain 2-3 holes and will all be interconnected by transparent underwater tunnels. The developers of the course are calling it a “scarless development” due to their claim that it will have no carbon footprint in the Maldives ecosystem. They plan to obtain this by using the plentiful sun to generate all the required energy, along with sustainable techniques to desalinate and cool the water.

The project is expected for completion in 2015.

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