Austrian Alpine Peaks Taken Off The Public Market…For Now

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on July 7, 2011 at 1:41 pm

It’s far too common to read depressing, deflating news. But sometimes the right thing is done and some semblance of hope is restored. According to newser, The Austrian government has pulled two mountain peaks off the market after public outcry. The peaks — Rosskopf (8500 ft) and Grosse Kinigat (8800 ft) — are located in the easternmost area of the province of Tyrol, where Europe’s highest mountains are located.

Tyrolian Alps [Image: Fugue/Flickr]

Together, the peaks were on the market for a mere $175,000 (121,000 Euro), with the Rosskopf peak going at a paltry $42,000 (29,000 Euro). Ernst Eichinger, spokesperson for the agency in charge of the sales, stated that they have suspended the sales to “evaluate alternative possibilities.” Furthermore, he said that they will still most likely be sold, but the sales will be restricted to Austrian buyers, rather than just the highest bidders.

For a peek into the Austrian mindset when it comes to the mountains as their national identity, check out these comments from opposing political parties:

Whoever wants to sell our mountains seeks to sell the soul of our country.

[The deals would be] a cheap step toward the sellout of our homeland.

Prospective buyers of the mountain peaks will be bound to strict rules governing their use including free access to the peaks by visitors. Future owners will also be at the mercy of local authorities to comply to rules surrounding offensive advertising and buildings that don’t fit the region’s character.

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