7 Unexpectedly Nice Places to be Buried, Drowned, or Otherwise Disposed Of

Featured — By Rachel Greenberg on July 11, 2011 at 7:00 am
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7. Sky Burial – Tibet

From a Western point of view, it’s hard to imagine doing anything with a dead body other than burying or burning. When you live near an abundance of soft ground or firewood, this makes sense. But for Tibetans that was certainly not the case.

Image: lylevincent/Flickr

Living above the tree line on perma-frozen ground, Tibetans found other ways to dispose of their dead. Sky burial is an ancient process of stripping the body and leaving it on high ground for birds of prey to dispose of naturally. This may seem savage or horrific, but we really like the idea that when we’re done with our bodies they could become food for fearsome, incredible birds.

And if you’re brave enough to watch, good for you. But if we made it to a sky burial, we would probably have to cover our eyes.

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  • KRS says:

    Although The Bone Church looked kinda morbidly fascinating, I think I’d go with the last one, The Sky Burial. What a way to go back into nature!

  • mark says:

    Turned into a reef would be ok, after all I am dead and what ever happens with my body just does not matter.


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