New York’s Yotel Choosing Robot Over Bellhop

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on July 12, 2011 at 11:18 am

It’s really only a matter of time isn’t it? Before robots take over human jobs, that is. It’s been predicted in Hollywood for ages, and we all know that whatever happens in Hollywood happens in real life. But is this the beginning of the end for the hotel bellhop?

According to the Daily Mail, New York City’s Yotel — at 669 rooms the largest to be built in the city since 2002 — is the first to use a robot to handle guests’ left luggage.

Check out this sexy little video to see how it works:


Yotel prides itself on being a hotel for the “young at heart.” Gerard Greene, the man in charge at Yotel, calls the hotel the “iPod of the hotel industry.” It’s the first non-airport location and also the first Yotel outside of Europe. At 170 square feet the rooms are micro . In fact, they employed aircraft designers to make the rooms feel bigger than they are. In the actual rooms a nightstand doubles as a desk, there’s a stand-up shower, and no minibar to help to conserve space.

The rooms are tiny so the lobby is where people are meant to hang out. It’s a little less cramped – containing four bars and a restaurant with purple lighting and loud elevator music helping to set the mood. Kinda sounds like a massive hostel, doesn’t it?

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