7 Micronations With Big Egos

Featured, Offbeat — By Jared Karol on July 22, 2011 at 8:00 am

5. Waveland

Founded: 1997 by Greenpeace
Location: North Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Ireland

In keeping with the theme of building an offshore nation in protest, Waveland is also unique: it was ruled for a time by an organization, not by an individual. Waveland is officially known as Rockall, an extremely small, uninhabited, remote rocky islet in the North Atlantic Ocean. One scientist has referred to it as “the most isolated small rock in the ocean of the world.” Given the islet’s characteristics, the most obvious thing to do was to build a nation on it.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

And that’s what Greenpeace did in 1997 as a publicity stunt to protest oil exploration. They declared Rockall a “new global state,” renamed it Waveland, and offered citizenship to anyone willing to take their pledge of allegiance. Several countries, including Britain, Iceland, Denmark, and Ireland all claim Rockall as their territory, but none of them seemed especially peeved that Greenpeace took the barren rock for its own. The British government, in fact, gave them permission to be there, and then promptly ignored them. Greenpeace ended official protests in 1999.

Given that it’s uninhabitable, the nation of Waveland lives on as a virtual community. According to its website, citizens of Waveland share the common values of cooperation, respect for difference, and peaceful co-existence with one another and with nature. If you share those values, you too can become a Waveland citizen. Just don’t think that mean’s it’ll ever be a place for you to crash or play Hacky Sack.

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