7 Micronations With Big Egos

Featured, Offbeat — By Jared Karol on July 22, 2011 at 8:00 am

6. The Principality of Dubeldeka

Founded: 2000 by Vasudio and Doreen Khandekar
Location: Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia

Husband and wife Vasudio and Doreen Khandekar had owned and operated their Braemar Lodge for 12 years before they decided to add Prince and Princess to their names. And while they were at it, they declared this commercial guesthouse, bar, and restaurant in rural southeast Australia its own nation. The Braemar Lodge, constructed in 1876, is no stranger to lofty titles: it’s an Australian heritage-listed residence.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

When the New South Wales Department of Public Works wanted to connect the lodge to main sewer lines, Prince and Princess Khandekar objected to unsightly pipes that would have caused damage to their property and heritage-listed structure. And thus a nation (with dubious sewage capabilities) was born!

The nearby town of Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands near Sydney, is known for its wineries. So next time you’re in Australia, stop by Dubeldeka for a few nights and have a bottle or two with a prince and princess. Just be careful when flushing the toilet.

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