7 Micronations With Big Egos

Featured, Offbeat — By Jared Karol on July 22, 2011 at 8:00 am
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7. The Kingdom of Vikesland

Founded: 2005 by Christopher Barry Joseph Beyette
Location: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

The Kingdom of Vikesland is unique on our list: its founding wasn’t the product of any sort of dispute, territorial or otherwise. Rather, local TV news cameraman Christopher Barry Joseph Beyette, now known as King Christopher 1, created Vikesland to serve as the focus of a film about micronations. Since its inception, however, Vikesland’s purposes have shifted, and now include humanitarian and charitable endeavors.

Beyette has no plans to secede from, or claim territory in, Canada or any other sovereign state. How refreshing, a non-covetous king. Beyette’s residence includes about six and a half square kilometers of rural property that he co-owns with his parents. The house is referred to as “Vikeslandic Territory” and the surrounding land is known as the “Royal Ranchlands.” Good guy he may be, but a king’s still gotta have his land.

Image: kansasphoto/Flickr

The Kingdom of Vikesland is committed to the exploration of outer space. In an inter-micro-national collaboration with the Republic of Molossia, Vikesland’s space program has launched several model rockets. We’d love to get a gander at these guys in their spacesuits.

Perhaps even more impressive, the flag of Vikesland has made its way to outer space aboard a mission with JP Aerospace, an organization aiming to make space travel affordable for ordinary citizens. How many micronations can claim that? Just Vikesland, baby.

Want to become a citizen of Vikesland, and/or an emabassador of good will? Sign up at the official website. We can’t guarantee any awesome space gear, though.

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