7 Micronations With Big Egos

Featured, Offbeat — By Jared Karol on July 22, 2011 at 8:00 am
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Remember when you were a kid and you built a fort in the backyard? Maybe you had specific rules about who could and could not be a citizen of your “country.” Perhaps you created a flag, a language, or even a passport. Maybe you even gave it a name.

Okay, so you just had a special handshake and a “No Boyz Allowed” sign, but if you’d gone so far as to print stamps, mint coins, and make a semi-legitimate declaration of independence, well then you might’ve had a full-blown micronation on your hands. According to Micronation Central, a micronation is “any entity which purports to be or has the appearance of being a sovereign state but isn’t.” So basically, if you call your turf a country but nobody else does, then it may be a micronation.

Image: bobnrenee/Flickr

While most of us may not take micronations seriously, their founding fathers do. Political protest, experimentation, or artistic expression are the most common impetuses for building these little enclaves, but whatever the reason, they’re all a little kooky.

While micronations, as the name suggests, all have minuscule borders, some are decidedly smaller than others. How small? Think of that backyard fort and you might get an idea.

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