Volcano Tourism Gives Iceland a Boost

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on July 29, 2011 at 9:51 am

Despite the country’s economy collapsing in 2008, followed by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010, Iceland’s tourism is booming…and the volcano might have helped make it happen.

Known as “volcano tourism,” all the footage of Iceland’s landscapes that aired during the eruption ended up receiving big attention. And now with a volcano known as Grímsvötn erupting, tourists are already booking trips to check out some stellar ash clouds. Hikes, sightseeing flights, etc. are now popular trips.

Since the country has suffered so much financial crisis, it means that prices have been pushed lower as well. “Volcano tourism” seems like an ideal solution after Eyjafjallajökull grounded eight-million passengers last year.

Image: sfjalar/Flickr

Now, back in the USA, scientists are preparing for an eruption from the Cleveland Volcano in Alaska—it’s first big one in 10 years. The Alaska Volcano Observatory has issued an eruption advisory based on “thermal anomalies” detected by satellite, and measurements predict that ash clouds could be spewed up to 20,000 feet above sea level at any moment. It’s located on an uninhabited island, but it still could have some pretty dire consequences: the volcano lies directly below commercial airline flight paths between North America and Asia. So far, however, no airlines have needed to change their routes.

We guess that’s one just one of those risks you take, right? If you’re a nervous flyer going to Asia, perhaps stay home this week.

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