Dinosaur Bones and Meteoric Stones: Yachts Get Blinged Out

Gear Guide, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on August 2, 2011 at 3:32 pm

We didn’t think it could even be done, but the yachting world just got even more outrageous. UK jewelry designer Stuart Hughes recently unveiled the new toy he created for an anonymous Malaysian business man – a super-yacht worth $4.5 billion dollars named ‘History Supreme’.

It is the most expensive yacht in the world. So how do you cram 4.5 billion dollars into a vehicle measuring 30 feet? Easy! Cover the boat’s base, dining areas, and anchor with over 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum.

To top it all off, the master bedroom has a wall made from meteoric stone, an aquarium made from 24 carat gold, a liquor bottle with an 18.5 carat diamond (one of the world’s rarest), and a statue made from the bone of a T-Rex. Seriously.

Image: tehusagent/Flickr

In the luxury yacht face-off, the ‘History Supreme’  is the clear winner. Other contenders are billionaire Roman Abramovich’s yacht ‘Eclipse’, estimated at $373 million to $1.1 billion. Abramovich is apparently a little paranoid: the master suite is armour-plated and has bullet-proof glass, there are three helicopter landing pads, an underwater escape hatch with a submarine, and a military-grade missile defence system. Oh yeah, and an anti-paparazzi laser shield which detects the light sensors in cameras, and will fire a beam of light at them to render the camera useless.

Coming in third is ‘Solemates’, a 60-meter pleasure cruiser which Sean “P. Diddy” Combs rented out for $850,000/week…the price of a modest home. This one is tricked out for ultimate relaxation with Jacuzzis, an aromatherapy shower, a gym that converts to a disco, an inflatable trampoline, water toys, and a customizable iPad app to let passengers control everything from entertainment to blinds and lights.

Finally, ‘Octopus’ is a 126-meter mega-yacht owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. It has a recording studio, a basketball court, seven boats, a crew of 60, two helipads, and two submarines…one for exploring the ocean’s floor, with the ability to hold eight guests for up to two weeks.

Anyone want to take us for a ride?

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