Don’t Want to Gain Weight While Traveling? Don’t Visit the US

Food Lovers, Travel News — By christinegarvin on August 10, 2011 at 10:18 am

Surprise, surprise.

If you want to come home from your vacation a little more svelte – or at least not gain the equivalent weight of a newborn baby – then US is not the place to visit.

The Daily Mail reports new research shows British travelers gain an average of 8 lbs. in two weeks when they travel to America. We’re sure this has nothing to do the prevalence of fast-food, mega coffee drinks, or all-you-can-eat buffets inside of most gambling establishments.

The Caribbean is not far behind, averaging 7.4 lbs gained, mostly having to do with all-inclusive resorts which, once again, tend to offer buffets for every meal.

Surprisingly, France and Italy came in third and fourth as places where people gain the most weight during their vacation. Sure, they have all those rich cheeses, breads, and wines, but you have to walk so darn much.

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The Brits questioned in the Obesimed weight-loss company study said that larger portions of food were not the only reason they believed they gained weight. Lounging around, drinking more alcohol than usual, and free refills (we’re guessing of soda?) were also to blame for the average of 5 lbs. gained no matter where people visited.

A reader’s forum on Lonely Planet seems to indicate that people gain or lose weight depending somewhat on how they eat at home. Some said portion control at home leads to eating bigger meals out when traveling and lack of portion control/constant snaking at home leads to less food consumed when on vacation. While others strongly┬ádisagreed.

Health Search Online also points out that many people can gain weight when they travel a lot simply because of eating snacks at airports. Long waits and boredom contribute to this issue.

Though most of us know we’ll gain a little bit of weight on holiday and that it usually comes off not long after we return home, it must suck to be one of those ‘one in five’ who only notice their weight gain by looking through pictures from their vacation. Kinda ruins the memories.

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  • John Tyler says:

    GMO corn forced on american farmers by MONSANTO is the reason over 90% of all corn is forced upon the food supply in the US and these gmo foods can not be digested by the human body. Americans eating anything with high fructose corn syrup or anything with corn in the US are consuming gmo corn without their knowledge and with the government’s blessing. It’s just wrong.

    • John Central says:

      John, if GMO foods cannot be digested then surely they are not responsible for weight gain. Government subsidies of corn and sugar drive the cost down, making any products that contain them cheaper. That is part of why soda is cheaper than fruit juice for example. Another reason we are an obese nation (after poor diet) is portion size. BTW, gmo products should be labelled as such.


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