“Newly Divorced” Hotel Packages: Classy or Trashy?

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Since there might be more divorces than weddings these days, it was only a matter of time before the wedding-ring-coffin surfaced.

While we’re not sure why anyone would want to bring along the ultimate reminder of a failed marriage on a vacation, Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta is offering a ceremonial farewell party for your old wedding ring in a miniature coffin. Yes, we said coffin.

No, you won’t be going with your ex to bury your rings together; instead, you can take up to five friends down to Puerto Vallarta and hang out in the Presidential Suite, enjoy a night out on the town, VIP airport transportation, and a shopping tour. Don’t forget the jewelry consultation to re-design your engagement ring (in other words, no double-coffin).

Image: Hotel Chatter

Guess that divorce packages are big business, what with the Ultimate Divorce Vacation package at a Puerto Vallarta hotel a few years ago, which included an ocean-view suite and four hours of spa rejuvenation for a mere $879 a night. In 2009, Hotel Zaza Dallas offered a 5-hour limo excursion around the city as a part of their “Divorce Party Package.”

Don’t forget hotel spas, which can provide all the beauty treatments you need to move on. Hotel 1000 offers a “Back on the Market” package which includes a facial, brow shaping and lip wax, bikini wax, tanning session, and mani and pedi.

Casa Velas’ Puerto Vallarta package is relatively affordable at $350 per person per night, all inclusive. Especially if you got a lot in the divorce settlement.

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