Pisa Mayor Boldly Takes On Mildly Offensive Non-Issue

Travel News — By Alex Resnik on August 11, 2011 at 11:46 am

Instead of dealing with more pressing issues – like, oh say, actually straightening his ponderous tower – the mayor of Pisa, Italy is up in arms over mildly pornographic souvenirs being hawked to tourists by street vendors in his fair city. And, watch out, ‘cus according to the Daily Mail he’s got the Catholic Church watching his back.

The souvenirs, mostly taking on obvious phallic references to the slack-looking tower, have been sold in Pisa’s central piazza for years. Though they’ve been technically illegal the whole time, it took trailblazing moral martyr mayor Marco Filippeschi to finally step in for the sake of “people with young families [who] should not have to see these shocking items.”

Image: Dave77459/Flickr

He continues:

Some of the so-called novelty souvenir items that can be found on these stalls are verging on the pornographic and this is not the image of the city of Pisa we want to cultivate.

And we all know how interested Italians are in cultivating the right image for their cities — just take a look at the Coca-Cola ads that were plastered over Venice’s most famous buildings last year.

The Tower of Pisa recently underwent a decades-long retrofit to correct its lean from 5° to 3.5°. Though the tilt could’ve been completely fixed, this idea was scrapped because of its potentially negative impact on tourism to Pisa.

No, Pisans don’t want to cultivate a pornographic image, but they do want to make sure those tourists keep on flooding in.

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