Vigilante Baltic Mayor Crushes Cars for Sport

Travel News — By Alex Resnik on August 12, 2011 at 10:13 am

It’s never a good idea to get tanked while driving around town, but that’s exactly what happened to one unfortunate driver in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania who decided to park in the bike lane. To the city’s mayor Arturas Zuokas, an avid bicyclist, this was nothing short of heresy, and he’d “had enough of these drivers parking their luxury cars on bike lanes and pedestrian crossings”

His solution was to drive over the Mercedes with an armored vehicle, and the smile on his face as he turned the sedan into scrap was nothing short of beaming.

Image: YouTube

Of course, crushing citizens’ cars is not the status quo for mayors in Baltic states and the whole thing was in fact a stunt put on for a Swedish television series. Zuokas, who the BBC reports has long tried to get his city cycling, explained his vigilante move:

You have to have a sense of humor in my line of work and I thought this would be a way of drawing attention to the fact that the city intends to be proactive in its fight against illegal parking.

Treehugger describes the act as “cathartic” for the mayor, and we have to agree. But, in the video when the car’s supposed owner walks nonchalantly onto the street, looking more dumb than dumbstruck, the jig is most definitely up.


Still, we really liked seeing a car being run over by a tank. Thanks, Mayor Zuokas!

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