Really Southwest…Again?

Travel News — By christinegarvin on August 15, 2011 at 10:44 am

You would think that by now, Southwest Airlines would chill out, no matter what people do on their flights. They haven’t had the best press over the last year, what with the Kevin Smith debacle and the later removal of a weight loss blogger.

It seems they are not fans of their customers.

In this latest installment of the saga, Southwest gave the boot to two sisters who were heading to Dallas, TX. Their plan was to visit their father, who had suffered a heart attack.

Image: Josh Beasley/Flickr

But one of the women had the gall to request a glass of wine before take off to calm her nerves, and the flight attendant was having none of it.

Well, that’s their side of the story, at least. Southwest has a different take (of course), saying that the sisters were removed from the flight due to a “verbal altercation” with the flight attendant.

The funniest part is that spokesman Chris Mainz told, “It’s very rare for something like that to occur.” Oh really?

Maybe Southwest is starting to learn a bit from their mistakes, as they apparently paid for a hotel and meal near the Oakland, CA airport, and rebooked them for the first flight to Dallas the next morning. Nonetheless, Southwest might want to pay attention to the media that’s starting to stack up against them.

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