If Lufthansa Wasn’t Great Before, Now it Has Oktoberfest Themed Flights. Horray!

Travel News — By christinegarvin on August 25, 2011 at 5:55 pm

We’ll go ahead and say Lufthansa flights usually rock.

But now, they are going to rock even harder. Well, at least for a little while.

Maybe you can’t make it all the way to Germany for (one of) the thing(s) the country is most known for – Oktoberfest – but starting in September and for the duration of the festival, the flight attendants will be sporting traditional dirndls and Bavarian suits on some of their flights.

Right now, those flights include ones out of Munich to San Francisco, Montreal, and Sau Paulo (darn, we just left San Francisco!).

Image: Jufthansa via Jaunted

Of course they will also be serving Oktoberfest menus in all classes, with plenty of potato salad and bratwurst to go around, we’re sure. Don’t forget the uplifting Bavarian music – they’ll be tuning it in on their in-flight entertainment.

It’s not the first time this airline has shown how proud it is of its heritage (at least the beer-drinking part). They also did the same thing back in 2007, according to Spiegel. And Malaysia Airlines took on wearing some traditional costumes during Malaysia’s Kaamatan Festival last year.

For those airlines looking for other possible flight themes, maybe to you know, boost sales, Sardonika offers a few great recommendations, including the “Love Me Tender Flight” (bet you can guess what that centers around), the “Reality Show Flight,” and the “Foodie Flight.”

But really, can any airline be cooler than Lufthansa? Well, if they serve the beer in large steins, that is.






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