Forget Flying: Take the Train From New York to London

Travel News — By Alex Resnik on August 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm

New York to London in three weeks? Hey, it beats around the world in 80 days, and the proposed rail line would offer up an equal dose of steampunk allure, without suspending yourself hundreds of feet in the air with a fireball directly above your head.

Russian officials have recently started ferrophiles dreaming about an epic rail journey across three continents. The approval of a nearly $100 billion tunnel project is the first step to making a rail link from North America to Asia a reality (via DailyMail). The project involves digging 65-mile tunnel beneath the Bering Strait. That’s twice as long as the Channel tunnel and distant from any population centers. But engineers are very confident it can be done.

Image: Boccaccio1/Flickr

So what would it be like to take a train from New York City, through Canada, Alaska, and Siberia to Moscow and London beyond? Cold. The three-week journey would be conducted in largely sub-zero temperatures, though the vistas across the Alaskan and Siberian tundra from your insulated, opulent train car would be unmatched.

Russia’s all over this. They’re already extending the Trans-Siberian railway by 500 miles to Yakutsk, and are due to be done by 2013. It’s part of Kremlin plans to extend rail lines 2,360 miles to the north-eastern tip of Siberia by 2030. The tunnel might take another 15 years and, of course, America’s got to step up its rail infrastructure, particularly in Alaska.

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