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Sexy Dancing Forces Flight to Derail

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on September 8, 2011 at 9:47 am
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There’s been a whole lotta crazy going on during flights lately, and flight crews just aren’t putting up with it anymore. Remember the screaming baby who forced a flight to turn around? Well, here’s an even better story.

A woman on a flight from Moscow to London forced the plane to turn around because she was drunkenly dancing in an erotic fashion.

This flight took place at 7 am, by the way.

The plane turned around about 15 minutes after take-off because the 39-year old woman was removing eyeglasses from people’s faces and dancing erotic dances. She was arrested upon landing, and sent for a medical examination…presumably to determine if she is crazy. A spokesperson reported that she was “in good condition, but maybe a little drunk” and had likely carried alcohol onboard.

Image: Vix_B/Flickr

Seriously, does nobody have footage of this event? It brings to mind the epic drunken airplane scene from Bridesmaids.

All this took place not long after charity worker Carol Close forced Thomas Airways to make an emergency landing on a flight from Manchester to Dominican Republic because she flew into a rage and bit two members of the cabin crew then kicked one in the stomach. She had to be forcibly restrained and her husband and other passengers sitting nearby were moved for their safety.

The other passengers reportedly cheered when she was escorted away by police. Close’s husband must be proud.

She also admitted to having a few drinks before boarding. The moral of the story? Don’t get dunk before flights. The end.

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