Happy Feet is M.I.A.

New Zealand, Travel News — By sarastasinos on September 13, 2011 at 5:15 pm

The epic saga of an adorable wayward emperor penguin continues. Happy Feet was the buzz of the animal kingdom when he showed up in New Zealand, 3,000 of miles off course from where he was shooting for, Antarctica. He was found eating sand on the shores of NZ, presumably thinking it was snow. Named after the film “Happy Feet” that tells the story of a fictional lost penguin, the real life Happy Feet wasn’t doing so well when researchers found him.

After two months of rehabilitation, Happy Feet was released from his recent home in New Zealand’s Wellington Zoo to return to his habitat in Antarctica. A GPS was fitted onto Happy Feet so the world could track his journey.

Sadly the GPS attached to Happy Feet is no longer picking up any signals of his whereabouts, which could mean:

1. Happy Feet was someone’s dinner, or

2. The GPS simply fell off.

Image: djania/Flickr

Since Happy Feet clearly lacks a sturdy mental GPS, (he shot for Antarctica and found himself in New Zealand) it surprises us that he could still possibly make it to Antarctica after being released. Researchers felt the same way but decided they didn’t feel comfortable meddling in nature, and figured he needed to do the best he could on his own.

Even though his sense of direction is a bit funky, we’ve still grown attached to the little guy. We’re crossing our fingers that the GPS lying at the bottom of the ocean and not in some hungry seal’s belly.


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