American Airlines Introduces New Gourmet Meals From Famous Chefs

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If you’ve got the money for first class on American Airlines, you just might be enjoying halibut with truffle corn salsa and sweet potato puree really soon.

Don’t fret if you fall on the back-of-the-plane, coach-class end of the line, as you’ll be able to order a turkey and chutney sandwich or a breakfast biscuit with smoked turkey breast, sharp cheddar cheese, and sliced tomato (if you have the funds, of course).

Who’s behind the new tasty treats being offered on AA flights? Why it’s chefs Richard Sandoval and Marcus Samuelsson, both of who own restaurants sprinkled throughout the world. Sandoval focused on developing meals for international flights, while Samuelsson turned his attention to domestic flight offerings.

Image: Andres Rueda/Flickr

Though the airline started off with just a couple of meal offerings per flight, they are promising more options for the chefs in coming months.

Which airline currently has the best food offerings worldwide? Well, according to a survey at Skyscanner, Emirates Air out of Dubai ranks the highest, perhaps due to their Middle Eastern-spice-induced meals. Germany’s Lufthansa came in second, and Singapore Airlines third. No US airline made the list.

But food on US carriers seems to be heading in the right direction, now that “free” food has basically been phased out. There is more incentive to serve better food, notes a New York Times article from last year, since the airlines can now make money off of meals. They also have competition from “gourmet” take-out food restaurants in airports, such as Wolfgang Puck and California Pizza Kitchen.

Just how much will these new meals cost on American Airlines? Probably around $10 or so, which means you should be sure to have that credit card handy when the flight attendants bang into your elbow with the food cart.

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