Spain’s Got Super-Cool New Hertz Electric Rental Bikes

Gear Guide, Travel News — By christinegarvin on October 13, 2011 at 4:45 pm

They get all the cool stuff in Europe.

Hertz is now offering electric bike rentals in Spain, fromĀ Granada to Barcelona and islands in between. London is the only other lucky-enough spot to enjoy electric bikes as a Hertz rental choice.

Why go electric bike instead of a car? Well, they’re easier to maneuver around in both the city and countryside while still going up to about 52 miles per hour. Plus, you are literally closer to the beautiful country that surrounds you, parking is a cinch, and more than likely, at 24 Euros per day, it’s cheaper than renting a car.

Image: selftrading/Flickr

And you can tell all your friends back home that you drove a “motorbike” around Spain (they don’t have to know it was more bike than motorcycle).

Of course, the biggest reason may be its greatly reduced impact on the environment.

Okay, so you can actually rent electric bikes in certain cities in the US, including San Francisco, which has a $69 per day rental tag. Even the Outer Banks in North Carolina offers electric bikes for rent.

Still, it will probably be a while before you see Hertz offering electric bikes in the US. Somehow, we don’t see it being a popular choice as a way to experience the farmland of Nebraska or weave through New York City traffic.

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  • Tim @ Buy PS Vita says:

    As a frequent visitor to Barcelona, I have been looking for the ideal way to move around the city. I have tried almost all types of transport available except a bike. I’m pretty sure they have a similar scheme to London where you can rent and park your bikes on the street. It would be great it the car rental companies jumped on board and offered bikes just like they offer cars. I’m going to give this a shot next time I’m in Spain.


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