10 Gorgeous Places to be an Adrenaline Junkie

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6. Hang gliding the mountains of Bariloche, Argentina

Hang gliding in Bariloche, Argentina is said to be an incredible experience any time of the year, but summer has been recognized as the truly best time.

Image: patrícia soransso /Flickr

7. Bungee jumping at Graskop Gorge, South Africa

Bungee jumping at Graskop Gorge provides the jumper with a scenic site as they plummet pass the waterfall from a height of 19 stories. Take the leap of 262 feet and embrace this first-class bungee jump experience.

Image: delayed gratification/Flickr

8. Zip lining the treetops of Durango, USA

If you are an adrenaline junkie jonsing for the great outdoors, then it is time for you to zip line through the treetops of Durango, Colorado. As you travel high up amongst the trees, you can spot reptiles and birds from an incredible vantage point. Sounds like an ideal day to us.

Video: Gary Gaurdreau/Vimeo

9. Hang gliding the Sierra Nevada mountains in Granada, Spain

Gliding above Granada seems like one of the most breathtaking views imaginable. Looking to make your trip even more memorable? Prior to this exciting hang gliding adventure in the summer time you have the ability to give your legs some last minute action by hiking up the Sierra Mountains.

Image:Jonathan Ablitt/Flickr

10. Paragliding Babadag Mountain, Turkey

In October the small resort town of Oludeniz hosts an annual Air Games week for all the air lovers around the world. Located at the foot of  Babadag mountain, be one with nature as you paraglide through the mountains, cedar forests and shores of the Mediterranean.

Image: babadag.com

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  • nateniale says:

    All of them looked too scary for me! But I have to admit that if I ever changed my mind to do bungee jumping or hang gliding or sky diving, I would definitely choose one of these beautiful places!!


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