Brad Pitt Settles the Edinburgh VS Glasgow Debate

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on October 26, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Despite Glasgow’s unflattering past reputation as the stabbing capital of the United Kingdom, it seems like the city is doing a lot to clean up its act. In fact, its sudden popularity may be eclipsing that of Scotland’s pride and joy, Edinburgh.

We happen to love Edinburgh: the city’s amazing castle and welcoming ambiance tends to be bewitching for even the most critical traveler. But suddenly Glasgow is fighting back with a vengeance, and so far in 2011, the city’s hotel industry is experiencing a big boom in business.

Already this year, Glasgow has generated more than 180-million GBP in hotel revenues, as well as another 260-million GBP from tourist spending. Glasgow filled 78.3 percent of rooms, while Edinburgh’s average rate has been 74.3 percent. Edinburgh’s probably getting a little nervous.

Some people say, however, that Glasgow’s sudden tourism boom isn’t attributed to its epic music scene or award-winning architecture: nope, Brad Pitt might be able to take full responsibility for helping change the way the world sees Glasgow.

Images: alexliivet/Flickr & antony_mayfield /Flickr

The “A-List celebrity” was in Glasgow in August to film for his new movie, World War Z, along with his entire production crew of more than 1000 staff members. Hotels, restaurants, pubs, and shops reaped the benefits.

Ironically, many areas of Glasgow had to be doubled to resemble the city of Philadelphia, where important scenes in the new movie take place. Which leads us to wonder…why not just film there in the first place?

Oh, well. At least Glasgow is happy.

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