Hard Days, Soft Nights in North Lake Tahoe

Active/Outdoors — By Josh Steinitz on October 26, 2011 at 4:57 pm
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North Lake Tahoe traditionally has been the place for NorCal residents to play in summer and winter, with the best ski resorts in the region, great biking and hiking trails, and several fun small towns with a smattering of decent bars and restaurants. But, except for old standbys like the Resort at Squaw Creek and the Hyatt Inline Village, it’s historically lacked premier lodging options for more discerning visitors, whether they’re coming from in-state or further afield. This has especially held true for the North Lake region since most of it lies inside California, outside the scope of Nevada’s liberal gambling laws, and without a single central resort town.

That unfortunate situation changed materially with the opening of the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe at Northstar-at-Tahoe, near Truckee. The Ritz brings its signature classic style to Tahoe, and, despite the size and scope of the place, manages to give guests a luxury mountain resort experience, rather than a cookie-cutter hotel experience.

My fiancée Sylvia and I used a late summer weekend to sample the charms of the relatively new property, and we used it as a base from which to satisfy our multi-sport interests. After all, the soft beds at the Ritz feel all that much better after a hard day outside.

Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe

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