Crocodiles Roaming Bangkok via Flood Waters

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on November 7, 2011 at 9:44 am

As if Bangkok didn’t have enough problems to deal with already, now snakes, crocodiles and disease are posing a threat to locals and tourists.

The floods are reportedly the heaviest Thailand has had in 50 years, with the main river coursing through Bangkok swelling so high that there are concerns of flood defenses breaking down. Tens of thousands of people are being ordered to evacuate, and nearly 400 have already been killed.

And now animals are finding themselves being displaced. Recently, a 6.5-foot snake was caught by a taxi driver on the street in front of the Grand Palace, where tourists usually visit. Because farms are flooding, crocodiles are making their grand escape into the city. It’s kinda like Bangkok’s own version of Godzilla out there.

But it’s not just the risk of animals that has Thailand worried: the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the flood victims are at a greater risk for water-borne diseases and infections, as well as diarrhea, respiratory illness, and conjunctivitis among flood victims placed in shelters. So far Bangkok has managed reasonably well when it comes to disease, but run-off water from the north has started seeping into some parts of the city, and some locals are getting worried.

Photo: dany13/Flickr

While some travel advisories have been issued, travel to other Thailand destinations like the resorts of Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, and Koh Samui is completely fine. Flights are operating to and from those destinations as normal.

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