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South Africa is known for many things, ranging from the bravery of former president Nelson Mandela to having some of the most exquisite beaches Africa. Yet it’s not necessarily known for fields of blooming lavender. But as the picture above shows, lavender production is alive and well in the country, and it makes for a gorgeous photograph.

South Africa is located at the southern tip of the African continent, and is divided into nine provinces. The coastline stretches out for almost 1,800 miles and borders both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. While much of the interior of the country is flat, there are also tropical climates near the coastline and plenty of good, local wine to sip on while watching the waves.

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  • Chalets saas fee says:

    What a beauty I can only imagine what is the feeling of walking in some of those lavender fields and getting dizzy from the smell.


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