EVERYTHING in the Gramercy Park Hotel is For Sale

Travel News — By christinegarvin on February 8, 2012 at 2:35 pm

If you want a velvet tablecloth for the bargain price of $400, you are certainly in luck.

Every-single-item in The Gramercy Park Hotel’s rooms are for sale, from the alarm clock to the martini shaker to the tongs in the ice bucket (a measly $40). So if you are into the whole dark, mansion-like, bohemian-room-from-the-1800s thing, you can take some of its offerings home from NYC without having to hit up Sky Mall.

Of course, you have to bring a few extra dollars with you, or a credit card that has a lot of room on it, especially if you want to buy an iPod for $750. Yes, that right: $750.

Image: Gramercy Park Hotel

If you are looking for cheaper hotel goods, Amy Bradley-Hole recommends heading to liquidators that purchase used hotel furniture. It turns out many hotels now redecorate every three years – which means a lot of great cabinets and end tables barely have a scratch on them and are available for a fraction of their original price.

Or, if you want to go the other way, there’s the option of selling your stuff to a hotel – at least if you are in Maastricht in the Netherlands. Dutch hospitality group La Bergère asked people to, “rummage through their attics, spare rooms and garages, and offer their unused objects for sale” for a new hotel they created in 2009.

For now, we might just feel luxurious while we camp out at Gramercy Park, making sure to bring our own iPod along for the ride.

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