Postcard Perfect — By Rachel Greenberg on March 1, 2012 at 4:42 pm

San Francisco’s Ferry Building is an incredible combination of scenic views and culinary treasures. Located directly on the water, it affords pristine views of the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, and the East Bay. Although ferries do still leave from its pier, the real highlight is the food – the interior of the terminal is lined with permanent food stalls, small shops, and full-scale restaurants that serve locally sourced sandwiches, artisan cheeses and meats, fresh seafood, and tons of other hip, foodie fare. And unlike so many other San Francisco landmarks, the Ferry Building draws both tourists and locals for exciting food with a great view.

If you can, plan to visit on Saturday or Tuesday mornings when a bustling farmers market springs up around the Ferry Building. All the regular interior shops are open, along with tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, and food trucks parked along the outside.

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