Surprises in Japan

Asia, Japan — By maggie on June 15, 2012 at 9:09 am

Blowfish or fugu as they are known in Japan

Image:  iMorpheus/Flickr

Another surprise that lurks in an unforeseen place is fugu, and it can be found on your dinner plate.  Fugu is a pufferfish or blowfish that can be lethally poisonous when eaten after being prepared incorrectly.  While the preparation of this fish is controlled quite strictly by law and poisoning incidents are statistically low, an adrenaline rush can still be had by eating something that might kill you.

What’s surprising about taking such a risk is that the reward is not so great.  Fugu actually tastes quite bland; the thrill of eating fugu mainly comes from fancying yourself a daredevil.

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